We make pet health a walk in the park

With the Reminder manager, your patients will be back on their paws in no time. And thanks to you – and petsXL, they’ll stay that way.

From now on, you’ll be able to take pet health into your own hands, ensuring that your patients get the nutrition, exercise, and care they need, all according to your instructions and plans. With the Reminder manager, I’ll automatically send out all your recommendations to your pet owners’ smartphones. This means your patients will show up regularly at your practice, whether it’s for their annual check-up, a heart ultrasound, or vaccinations – it all gets scheduled on time and nothing is forgotten. And even outside your practice, you’ll have everything on a tight leash: Cone collars will get worn, exercise plans will be followed, and wounds will get checked.
And that, my friends of the fur, is how you get your patients back on their paws in no time – and how you keep them there. It’s a vet’s dream!

Dreaming of perfect pet health

Wondering how to make this dream a reality? With my help, of course! And with your vaccination and treatment plans.

Simply download vaccination plans or create schedules with your personalized recommendations – for example, treatment plans including all follow-up appointments, plans with exercises for the pet owners to go through at home, or task lists for your practice team. I’ll automatically send out these plans with all of your recommendations, every time you enter the linked service in easyVET. In this way, you can set new standards for pet care in your practice. And it’s practically effortless – brilliant!

When everything goes according to the (treatment)plan

Oh, how wonderful it would be for Oskar to show up promptly in the practice to have his stitches removed 10 days after his surgery. Wait, there he is! Thanks to your treatment plan – which I sent directly to his owner Mara’s smartphone. Mara is happy because she can now see Oskar’s follow-up appointments all in one place, and thanks to my reminders, she’s got her appointments scheduled and ready to go. All right there in the app. What a breeze!

Oh, and of course, Oskar also received his pain medication on time after the surgery, because I send out medication reminders for your practice, too.

From day one – a lifetime of pet care

Bye, Bye, appointment cards!
Hello, Reminder manager!

Medical appointment cards are a thing of the past. I can do so much more than just send out vaccination reminders! I’m your irreplaceable assistant – I’ll take your practice from zoo to Zen.
Dog vaccinations

Treatment Plan Reminders

  • Vaccination booster in one year
Kidney failure in cats

Treatment Plan Reminders

  • Blood tests with ultrasound twice a year

At-Home To-Dos

  • Observe drinking and urination behaviors 

Medication Reminders via petsXL

  • Give kidney-friendly food and phosphate binders
  • Reorder kidney-friendly food regimen at your next visit
Spaying female dogs

Treatment Plan Reminders

  • 10 days after surgery: appointment to have stitches removed

At-Home To-Dos

  • The first 2 days after surgery: Take 3 walks for 5 minutes each, then 3 walks daily for 10 minutes each
  • Up to 10 days after surgery: Remind the owner once a day to keep the cone collar on their pet
  • Once daily during the first week: Check the wound for moisture and redness

Medication Reminders via petsXL

  • Give painkillers and antibiotics if necessary
Cruciate ligament rupture / TPLO

Treatment Plan Reminders

  • 3 days after surgery: appointment for a bandage change  
  • 10 days after surgery: appointment to have stitches removed
  • Starting at about 1 week after surgery: weekly appointments for physiotherapy until about 8 weeks after surgery
  • Approximately 6 weeks after surgery: appointment for a check-up X-ray
  • 6 months after surgery: appointment for a weigh in and nutritional counseling 

At-Home To-Dos

  • Daily until 10 days after surgery: Ensure pet wears the cone collar or the bodysuit
  • In the first week after surgery: Check bandage for moisture, bleeding, swelling, and redness
  • Follow the exercise plan:
    • Until 2–3 weeks after surgery: no climbing stairs or jumping!
    • Until about 6 weeks after surgery: Climb stairs carefully
    • Until 6–8 weeks after surgery: Only walk on a leash!
    • Starting at 1 month after surgery: Weigh in once a month
    • 3–4 weeks after surgery: Adjust food intake to account for reduced activity

    Medication Reminders via petsXL

    • Give painkillers
Horse injury with lameness

Treatment Plan Reminders

  • Every 3 days: wound check and bandage change at the stable
  • After 10 days: lameness check at the stable

At-Home To-Dos

  • Change feed to a ration balancer
  • For 4 days: keep the horse in for stall rest
  • On days 5–6: walk the horse twice daily for 10 minutes each
  • On days 7–8: walk the horse twice daily for 15 minutes each

Medication Reminders via petsXL

  • Give painkillers

When your dreams come true …

… you must be using the Reminder manager. Finally, all your recommendations are carried out and your patients are well cared for round the clock. You’re there for each and every patient, even beyond the practice doors – without stretching yourself too thin. You’ll also establish reliable standards for your team and not only increase customer loyalty, but practice revenue, too! What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the Reminder manager for my practice?

Need a reminder to eat, breathe or drink? Okay, hopefully you don’t need the Reminder manager for that. But for (almost) everything else, the answer is, of course, YES! With the Reminder manager, you can get your clients involved in their pet’s treatment in a whole new way, thus increasing compliance. Through a completely new understanding of your work, you can provide your patients with care that’s better than ever before – ensuring they enjoy a long, happy, and above all, healthy life.

Is the Reminder manager free?

YES! Hard to believe, right? I know. The Reminder manager is simply the best gift you can give your practice.

Are all the reminders sent out automatically?

That’s right! I send out your plans and remind your pet owners about every single part of them. And I include your personalized notes, exactly as it suits your practice.

How can I get the Reminder manager?

It’s easy-peasy: Our knowledge database will show you how! Just press F1 inside your easyVET platform and integrate the Reminder manager into your practice.

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